Setup JDK, JRE, Apache Ant at Environment Variable – run on CMD Prompt

1. Download Java SE
– download :

1.1. Purpose Java SE:
– “JDK” is the Java Development Kit. I.e., the JDK is bundle of software that you can use to develop Java based software.

2. Download JRE
download :

2.1. Purpose of JRE:
– JRE is an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine which actually executes Java programs.

3. Apache Ant
download :

3.1. Purpose of Apache Ant:
– Apache Ant is a Java library and command-line tool that help building software.

4. After Download And Install – Lets Set The Environment Variable :

4.1. Click Start > Computer – Right Click > Properties > Advanced System Setting >  Click Environment Variable
4.1.1. JDK –variable Name : JAVA_HOME
– Variable value: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\bin

4.1.2. JRE –Java runtime Variable : JRE_HOME
– Variable Value: C:\workspaces\java\jre1.6.0_07\bin

4.1.3. Apache Ant  Variable : ANT_HOME
– Variable Value : C:\Program Files\Java\apache-ant-1.9.2\bin

5. Create a directory on your computer where java source are store

5.1. Check java Version
java -version

5.2. Check the JDK Version
javac -version

5.3. Compile the java source.
Command : Javac

5.4. Run the Class Java.
Command : Java HelloWorld
Output : Hello, World!

6. Setup JDK, JRE in the Environment variable in Windows 8.

Nothing new, just search environment variable and setting like setting in Windows XP or Windows 7

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