How to create combobox with hardcode data – vaadin?

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How to create combobox with hardcode data – vaadin?


  • At your java class , add the component for the combobox, the java class called –

import com.fndong.vaadin.domain.RefCountry;
import com.vaadin.ui.GridLayout;
import com.vaadin.ui.ComboBox;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class CountryForm extends GridLayout implements View {

private ComboBox selectCounty;

private List<RefCountry> refcountries = new ArrayList<RefCountry>();

// init content
public void initContent() {

selectCounty = createCountrySelect();

// method Create Country select
private ComboBox createCountrySelect() {
refcountries = getRefcountries();
BeanItemContainer<RefCountry> objects = new BeanItemContainer<>(RefCountry.class, refcountries);

ComboBox s = new ComboBox(“Country“, objects);

return s;

// data from countryname using entity RefCountry, hardcode the country name
private List<RefCountry> getRefcountries() {
// List<RefCountry> refcountries = new ArrayList<RefCountry>();
refcountries.add(new RefCountry(new Integer(“1“),”Malaysia“));
refcountries.add(new RefCountry(new Integer(“2“),”Indonesia“));
refcountries.add(new RefCountry(new Integer(“3“),”Singapore“));
refcountries.add(new RefCountry(new Integer(“4“),”Thailand“));
return refcountries;


  • Entity class –

public final class RefCountry {
private Integer countryid;
private String countryname;

public RefCountry(Integer countryid,String countryname) {
this.countryid = countryid;
this.countryname = countryname;

// Getter and setter

 Aba Maya , cuba taye (Bidayuh) – Don’t be shy, try it first ( english) 


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