JAX-WS/Axis2/CXF – WebService Notes:

  1. SOAP WebServices

2. What are difference between technology web Service JAX-WS, Axis2 and CXF ?

  • 2.1). JAX-WS
  • JAX-WS stands for Java API for XML Web Services.
  • JAX-WS is a technology for building web services and clients that communicate using XML.
  • JAX-WS allows developers to write message-oriented as well as RPC-oriented web services.
  • Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS), is a set of APIs for creating web services in XML format (SOAP).
  • In JAX-WS, a web service operation invocation is represented by an XML-based protocol such as SOAP.
  • The  SOAP specification defines the envelope structure, encoding rules, and conventions for representing web service invocations and responses. 
  • These calls and responses are transmitted as SOAP messages (XML files) over HTTP.

site: http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/5/tutorial/doc/bnayl.html

2.2). Axis2

  • Apache Axis2™ is a Web Services / SOAP / WSDL engine, the successor to the widely used Apache Axis SOAP stack.
  • There are two implementations of the Apache Axis2 Web services engine – Apache Axis2/Java and Apache Axis2/C
  • Apache Axis 2 is also a framework that now supports JAX-WS (up to JAX-WS 2). It’s an improvement from Apache Axis. CXF supports up to JAX-WS 1.2.

2.3). CXF

  • CXF has better integration with Spring, and Camel(camel-cxf). 
  • CXF is its implementation by Apache.
  • Apache CXF is a framework that implements JAX-WS to generate Web Services Definitions and Java Proxy (from a Web Service Definitions).

3.) Types of  JAX-WS




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