Create Cordova Application Project (Client) using MobileFirst CLI

Create Cordova Project using MobileFirst CLI (IBM Site)

1.) First , open node.js command prompt ( for windows OS), in the workspace Start create Project > (cmd) – cordova create myFirstCordova com.fndong.HelloWorld –template cordova-template-mfp


2.) After Created, add the Android platform, I’ll using android version android@5.1.1. Go to directory project myFirstCordova > run command : cordova platform add android@5.1.1.


3) set the config.xml which will added elements such as mfp, server, locale and Extensions. Command : mfpdev app config


4.) Register Project Cordova to MobileFirst Console Server. command : mfpdev app register.

run the cordova prepare:

cordova prepare

 5) To run the App in IBM Simulator. command : mfpdev app preview.

7) Creating Adapter

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