Android App – android studio – Create my Hello World!

Good Day!

Android App – android studio – Create my Hello World!

Today – 21/12/2016, after a long time doing web development , its time to learn new thing , here is my experience starting create Hello World Android App using Android studio.

1). Download the Android studio bundle

2) Installed it, and please follow the right prerequisites.

3). Open Android studio, select File > New Project.

  • application name: MyFirstAndroid
  • company domain: com.fndong.myapp


4.) Click Next > In the Target Android Devices screen, i Choose SDK “API 22: Android 5.1(lolipop)” and click Next.


5) create the activity, choose Empty Activity and Next.

6). Then , just leave as default MainActivity (Class Name), Click Finnish


7) Run the Application. Run on Emulator.

  • Just selecting Tools > Android > AVD Manager , In the Your Virtual Devices screen, click Create Virtual Device. Then you can choose any hardware you want. I choose Nexus 6.
  • On the Run image, click and select deployment target, then click Ok.


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