How to add compare function in Notepad++

Hi Good Day , 你好! , Anih Agah , Nama rita Nuan,

How to add compare function in Notepad++

  1. Open your Notepad++ , then go to menu Tab on the Top, Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager , Search for compare.


2. Tick the compare option, click Install – & Yes if you want to Update , or No if you don’t want to update your Notepad++.


3. After done Installed the plugin, then you can open your two files you want to compare, then at the first file – go to Tab and click Plugins > Compare > Compare (click it) or shorcut key – CTRL+ALT + C,


4. Above image show comparison between two files source codes. with + green show there are new line , and – minus is empty. 

5. If you guys using notepad ++ v.7.3.3 , its doesn’t have any top tab plugins, so what you must do is, install manually.

on your Directory installer : Notepad++\plugins

create your folder such as \config

then download this notepad compare plugin from Github. add this downloaded files to Notepad++\plugins\config\


After that, go to notepad++ application, click on ( Settings > import > import Plugin(s).. ) the go plugin directory and get the comparePlugin.dll.

Then you can use the comparator plugin. 

Selamat Mencuba , Good Luck !





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