Create first simple angular js 2 project

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Create first simple angular js 2 project

1) getting the tools – prerequisites:

a) node.js :-

1.1. Test the node – open your Command Prompt in windows : node -v   ( node.js is runtime environment and Javascript library)

1.2. Test the npm – Command Prompt : npm -v
1.3. getting the typescript
npm install -g typescript


then after finish program typescript make sure to compile the typescript to convert to javascript. ( Browser cannot read typescript)

1.4. run the compile the typeScript :
npm install -g typings

– if the  results command are error – such example:

npm ERR! network This is most likely not a problem with npm itself
npm ERR! network and is related to network connectivity.
npm ERR! network In most cases you are behind a proxy or have bad network settings.

– Solutions : add your company proxy , by run the command script :
>npm config set proxy http://IP.IP.IP.IP:proxy

1.6. Then we need to install Angular-CLI Global  (make sure to go to your directory project): 
> npm install -g angular-cli


1.7. Create new project for the first angularjs2:
> ng new RegisterUserApp