How to use github in windows.

1) Login to – create a github account.
– create new repo, add repository name : Hibernate_OneToOneXML
– choose public
– generate the link where the .git file will save the your settings.

2) set your Git for github to your eclipse IDE.

3) First add the Git Plugin to our Eclipse – Help > Install New Software … >


  • select all lib


4)Add the Git Configuration ,  Navigate to Team => Git => Configuration and hit the New Entry… Button. Enter as Key and your name as Value and confirm.


5) Setting up local repository on your eclipse project. On your project > Right click > Team > Share Project > Git > select – “Use or create repository in Parent folder of project”  > then Click button “Create Repository”



6) then Finish.

7) To commit our Source code project , right Click Project > Team > commit , select the source code you want to commit, example is below:


8) For your information, commit doesn’t mean your project are pushed to GitHub, you need to click button Push.


9) Then lastly , check your GitHub Page…. Your Files Successfully Upload.