study notes : starting ionic for my first mobile app.

study notes : starting ionic for my first mobile app.

1.) first I would like to understand what is differences between hybrid and native:

1.1.) Native app – native app means that app been built for a specific operating system and can only be accessing only from dedicated app store such as App store for IOS and Google play for android.
– Like Android application can only accessed by Android users and is developing using java, windows, C++ and etc.
– For IOS application using Xcode/Objective-C.

1.2.) Hybrid apps
– Hybrid apps are using cross-compatible web technologies – such as HTML, CSS and Javascript . An advantages its faster and easier to develop and others advantage of developing hybrid app is consistent, cross platform UI that is compatible with most devices. 


1.3) For the moment i’ll focus to Ionic and IBM MobileFirst.